We guarantee that all of our cosmetics contain at least 85% natural ingredients, many of them from ecological agriculture and from economically sustainable regions.

We decided not to include mineral oils, artificial colors, and parabens in our formulations, listening to the voices of all consumers who prefer products that are as natural as possible.

All of our products are tested independently in external laboratories to prove the safety and efficacy of each of them.


The EMINA Winemaking Interpretation Center, the headquarters of ESDOR COSMETICS, is a 100% sustainable building surrounded by vineyards in the heart of the Duero.

It is the first comprehensive sustainable development project that generates more energy than it consumes thanks to the use of a range of alternative energies, including solar, thermal photovoltaic, biomass, and natural light. It has specific recycling programs for all the products and byproducts (grape, peel, shoots, and remains from winemaking such as paper, cardboard, and wood), and we thus contribute our grain of sand to a circular economy.

Our center is wholly integrated into its environs and takes advantage of the entire water cycle, energy, and grapes to become a benchmark in environmental management and sustainability.

In fact, in 2007 IESE business school named Bodega Emina the Best SME in Spain in the Environmental Category because of how it manages its resources and uses renewable energies.

This relationship of stewardship of and harmony with nature is projected in our products to be conveyed to our customers.